Pierre Laurent Timepieces is known globally for its award-winning collections, unsurpassed quality. Founded in 1980, the company has developed its collections to meet its expanding customer base and its reputation for extraordinary design and quality.

The timeless pursuit of perfection proves that quality watches are not simply made but crafted. This is an adage upon which Pierre Laurent have built their reputation. Our philosophy is simple; outstanding precision of craftsmanship results in outstanding and reliable performance. Our customers have come to expect nothing less.

Swiss Made Timepieces

With its distinguished architecture, exceptional quality and passion for luxury, Pierre Laurent’s Swiss made watches are designed to withstand the test of time. 

Founded in 1980, Pierre Laurent has developed collections to meet its expanding customer base and its reputation for extraordinary design and quality. 

Today, with an exceptional creative design team in Europe, administrative head offices in Canada, world-class manufacturing in Switzerland and sales throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Pierre Laurent is a truly global company. 


Our philosophy is simple: outstanding precision of craftsmanship result in outstanding and reliable performance - our customers have come to expect nothing less of a Swiss made watch.

Each Pierre Laurent watch is crafted to the exacting technical standards of the world’s finest Swiss timepieces. Pocket watches, mechanical movement and quartz movement wrist watches each receive our attention to every detail. Magnificently crafted, every Pierre Laurent watch is designed to be a watch for the ages.


Our confidence in the craftsmanship is reflected in our promise to customers. Our three year guarantee surpasses that of most timepiece available anywhere. Pierre Laurent pays meticulous attention to quality and design, creating unique, luxury timepieces for those who recognize style, sophistication and exceptional workmanship.