Tonneau & Performance Overview

Tonneau Collection:

Tonneau, French for barrel, is known for its cambered corners. If your personal sense of style leans more formal than casual, and you’re looking to add flavour to your wrist, consider adding a Pierre Laurent Tonneau shaped timepiece to your collection.

Swiss Made Quartz, 54x38mm Solid 316L Stainless Steel Case


Performance Collection:

Make the most out of your watch with the Performance Chronograph Collection to keep perfect time. This watch is fresh, bold, modern and geared for an action-packed life. The Performance Collection features a variety of materials, including rose gold, black or blue PVD plating on a stainless steel bracelet, or a natural rubber band in various colours. All with a double deployment buckle.

Swiss Made Quartz, 45mm Solid 316L Stainless Steel Case

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